OH Portal

In september 2018 the first version of the CLARIN OH-portal was realised. The idea behind the OH-portal is simple.
You go to the OH-portal website, select one or more sound files, upload them, start the recognition and once ready, download the automatically generated transcription(s).

Afbeelding2Screenshot of the OH-Portal as realised for the 2018 workshop in München

Currently, the audio-files must be formatted as mono or stereo wav-files, but in the near future the portal itself will transform a range of audio-file formats into the required (wav-) format.
What is already possible is that it does not matter with which sample frequency the files are recorded or whether they are mono or stereo. In case of stereo, the portal asks the user whether he or she wants to process both audio-channels separately or together (i.e. added to one signal). If the user chooses for separately, both channels are done one after the other so that when you have recorded the interview with 2 speakers each on a single channel, you can better separate the different speakers, determine turn-taking and get even a better recognition result.