Transcription Chain

transcription chain

A transcription chain is a set of concatenated "steps" one has to perform in order to go from a "recorded interview" to a findable, accessible and viewable digital AV-document with relevant metadata on the Internet.

Here below, we will explain the picture above: the various steps one may take in a transcription chain. It has to be stressed that there is no "perfect" solution. The Transcription Chain is a set of consecutive steps one may take to reach the final goal: a findable, accessible and viewable digital AV-document.

If the audio quality is good and a 100% verbatim transcription of the spoken speech is not necessary, automatic speech recognition without human check and improvement, may be enough. On the order hand, if the audio quality is poor, people speak in dialect and a verbatim transcription is necessary for a thorough dialogue analyses, human transcription with a forced alignment by the computer may be necessary.