OH proposals

On this page we will put as much OH-Technology proposals as possible. The proposed projects will range from small ones, asking some money for a small workshop till big Horizon2020 (a-like) ones. Some are granted, some not.



Doc Year Title Description
iconpdf 2018 ORAL HISTORY Metadata  Proposal Proposal for a OH workshops in 2018 in München. Main goal of the workshops is to explore the various software tools that can be used for the adding and editing of OH-metadata.
iconpdf 2017 ORAL HISTORY Transcription Chain Proposal Proposal for the realisation of the Oral History Transcription Chain: a portal for Oral Historians who want to transcribe their interviews with the help of Automatic Speech Recognition, Forced Alignment, and Manual Correction.
iconpdf 2016 ORAL HISTORY Transcription Pilot Proposal Proposal for 2 OH workshops in 2016 and 2017. Main goal of the workshops is to start an OH-transcription chain, helping OH-scholars to use technology in order to speed-up the transcription process.
iconpdf  2014 LISTEN