CLARIN Workshop Sophia

Parthenos LOGOSteven Krauwer and Darja Fišer are organizing a 3-day PARTHENOS workshop for about 25 participants (researchers and lecturers who use language data in their research and/or teaching, such as literary studies, history, political science, communication science, media studies, etc.) from countries in Central and Eastern Europe (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Moldavia, Ukraine, Belarus, Slovakia) which are not participating in the PARTHENOS project in order to promote the PARTHENOS training materials, CLARIN Resource Families and CLARIN in general.

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Two presentations will be about text (or written resources) and one (our) about the use of spoken resources for their research.

Many scholars working with spoken narratives (oral historians, socio-linguists, antropologists, etc.) may not yet be fully aware of the possibilities that HLT and digital research infrastructures have to offer. Digital research infrastructures should not only be regarded by scholars as convenient ways of gaining and providing access to data (as it mostly is now), but also as means of data preparation and analysis.

The "Sophia workshop" seeks to remedy this limited understanding among scholars by demonstrating parts of the CLARIN and CLARIAH-NL research infrastructures, i.e. the CLARIN Oral History Portal and the CLARIAH Media Suite, which were both developed in the past few years (2015-2018).