AV Examples

In order to illustrate to what extent modern speech recognition is capable of transcribing  speech , we have selected a couple of examples.
The first tab shows the possiblities of a) ASR for Dutch and Italian with high-quality audio and the effect of automatic translation from Dutch/Italian into English. The translation is done with the GoogleTranslate-service in SubtitleEdit.

The second tab shows the result English ASR for high quality recordings (quiet) environment, good microphones, no background noise) of two lectures by non-natives (a Dutch and an Italian speaker). The third tab shows the outcome of the English ASR when applied on low-quality recordings. The speakers are an English General and a Polish survivor of the Sobibor-concentration camp who lives for already a long time in the USA.

All the recognitions of the English-spoken material were done with the WebASR of the University of Sheffield. The Dutch-spoken recording with the Radboud ASR-engine and the Italian-spoken material with the (offline) ASR-engine of Piero Cosi.